Rosedale Medical Billing Solutions - Services Offered - Bakersfield, CA
Rosedale Medical Billing Solutions - Customized Medical Billing, Consulting, Credentialing and Contracting
Services Offered
  • Full-service medical billing and patient account management.
  • Electronic billing system and claims submission.
  • Procedure & Diagnosis coding.
  • Credentialing & Contracting.
                                                        Support Services
Include telephone calls to and from Patient‘s, Physician’s and or Office Staff and Insurance Companies.  Most of these types of calls are concerning patient accounts, insurance questions, payment arrangements, contracting negotiations with insurers, etc.
All Patients, Insurers and Office Staff will be treated with respect and courtesy.
We also can create most any form required for your office including encounters, patient registration/demographic, sign in sheets, etc....
Description of Services
Submittal envelopes should be delivered to our office on a weekly basis, consistently on the same day of every week.  Some of the most common methods used are: standard mail services, overnight express, scanning, emailing,faxing documents or a courier service.  Shipping and handling benefits are the responsibility of our Clients; unless otherwise specified in your contract.
Any claim, which is missing required information, will be reported to your office as being “Incomplete”.  Incomplete claims need to be corrected and resubmitted to our office.  Additional fees may be applied to those clients whose submittal envelopes are consistently incomplete and are not in compliance with the requirements set forth and agreed upon in said service contract.
Claims Filing Only (Without follow-up) fee is $9.00 per claim Family Practice and $6.00 per claim Specialty Practice.
Ÿ  Entering and submitting primary and secondary claims per date of service.
Ÿ  Posting of payments only on primary claims requiring a secondary billing.
Ÿ  Submitted claims report that includes claim detail as well as information needed in order to perform in-house tracking of claims.
Full Service Billing & Practice Management / Insurance & Patient-
(With follow-up) based on 10% Accounts Receivable.
Ÿ  Entering and submitting primary & secondary commercial claims.
Ÿ  Follow-up with insurance carriers to check the status of your claims.
Ÿ  Posting payments to your insurance claims or self pay patient accounts.
Ÿ  Tracking unpaid procedures and sending Letter of Medical Necessity when necessary.
Ÿ  Resubmitting claims to insurance carrier upon request.
Ÿ  Notification to our clients regarding any “Incomplete Claims” which were unable to be processed as a result of additional information required by the insurance carrier to adjudicate your claims.
Ÿ  Generating patient statements (paper) on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to any patient with a balance over $5.00 only.
Ÿ  This shall include balance dues remaining after all insurance carriers have made payment and balance is patient responsibility.
Ÿ  While routine waivers of co-payments are not advised, if a patient has not paid their co-payment at the time of service, a patient statement will be generated.
Ÿ  Patient billing also includes generating statements on a monthly basis to any uninsured/self pay patient who has not paid at the time of service.  This can also include those patients who are placed on a payment plan.
Ÿ  Rosedale Medical Billing Solutions uses a “soft collection” method with patients, and will continue to work with any patient until instructed to do otherwise by the client.
Ÿ  Arrangements can be made for a collection agency of the client’s choice to be handed over past due accounts after 90 days.
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